Award Categories

NHS Hero

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An award for any NHS worker who has touched your life, or the lives of your family and friends during the pandemic. Perhaps someone who volunteered to support their local hospital’s COVID-19 unit or returned to work from retirement? Or someone who stepped up to support others through the fear of the virus.

Care Sector Hero

This award is for a care professional, either in a care home or a caring in the home setting, who has gone the extra mile to support you or a family member during lockdown. Tell us about your hero.

Education Hero

This award is for teachers, teaching assistants and childminders, nannies or childcare settings who have gone above and beyond whilst on lockdown. Nominate your hero.

Community Hero

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The coronavirus lockdown has seen a surge in charitable work, community groups and individuals simply looking out for each other, whether friends, family, neighbours or strangers. Many have played a significant role in supporting their local communities and beyond. Tell us about your community hero/s.

Volunteer of the Year

For those who give up their time to ensure that organisations can continue their work, tell us about your volunteer hero.

Child Hero (aged 10 or under)

Tell us about a child's actions that have made you proud and given you real hope for the future of our community. Nominate your Child Hero.

Young Hero (aged 10 -18)

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Recognising a young star who has become a role model for others and given you real hope for the future of our community. Nominate your Young Hero.

Outstanding Act of Bravery

Who do you know that has shown true bravery through a difficult time, illness or challenge? Perhaps they suffered with Covid or suffered with another illness, but still supported others. Tell us about your Brave Hero.

Emergency Services

An award to celebrate those that support us within the emergency services; members of the police, fire, ambulance, paramedics or air, sea or mountain rescue who have gone beyond the call of duty. Nominate your hero.

Lockdown Neighbour

For many residents, especially the vulnerable and elderly, they relied upon the support of their neighbour. Others simply got to know their neighbours, bringing our communities closer.

Shop Worker of the Year

Your local shop or supermarket chain remained open during the crisis. We want to hear your stories about your local shop worker who went above and beyond to support you, or simply made your day. Nominate your favourite shop worker.

Essential / Key worker Award

This category is for key or essential workers outside of the health and care sectors - such as a delivery driver, postal worker, utility workers, local government. Tell us about their tremendous service and compassion in lockdown.

Inspirational Person

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Has someone you know gone above and beyond for the community? Have they done something amazing and you feel they should be recognised for their achievement? Then why not nominate your local hero.

Family of the Year

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The Family of the Year award is to honour those who have pulled together to support each other and the wider community. Which family do you know who have supported the community with volunteering their time or fundraising to help those less fortunate? Nominate them now.

Collaboration Award

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We are looking for organisations which have worked together for a common goal during the covid crisis. This award is for organisations that have combined their skills to demonstrate what can be achieved by working together. You will need to demonstrate how the collaboration came about as well as how working together gave better results than could have been achieved by a single organisation.

Unsung Sporting Hero

Playing sport may have stopped during the pandemic, but behind our local clubs there were COVID-19 lockdown initiatives happening. We want to say thank you to the unsung sporting heroes during the pandemic lockdown. Your teamwork and determination are not forgotten. Nominate your Unsung Sporting Hero.